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Gohoushi Kallen-chan

The house is maintained by the busy maid. She went to the office of the owner and began to dust the floor. The owner glances at the maid and notices that she is not wearing panties and her luscious buttocks draw his attention. He walks over and begins massaging her tummy and slapping her ass. Then he orders her to lay on the floor and stretch her legs. She obeys his commands. Look at the comic now.

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Britannia Tenseki Gi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

You would like to see rough sex scene with more than one hottie bust from anime series “Code Geass”? Then all you’ll need to do is to read this parody manga of hentai! Watch as horny CC engages in the action with her friends or see how the shy Kallen iseven though she’s naked and ready to get fucked, plus some additional surprising appearances! The drawing is beautiful and very well drawn!

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(C90) [Homura R Comics] Oshioki Kallen-chan -C.C. Hen- (Code Geass)

Sweet and cute green-haired hottie called CC that you must remember from anime series “Code Geass” alters her appearance nearly instantaneously – in just a few pages in this parody manga she is transformed into a total slut who just can’t imagine her life without getting fucked each and every day! You will find big bobs, blowjobs, and even some dominance over Kallen!

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[Kouzu Shoukai (CAW=ZOO)] Nu…! (Code Geass) [Digital]

Huge tits, tight fuckholes and not getting soft futanari cocks! You probably didn’t expect to discover all these aspects in comics that were based on Code Geass. But, this is the thing: it’s a parody on the hentai, therefore all of them are welcomed here and you’re invited to enjoy these comics. The texts are in japanese however, it is apparent that there’s not a lot of a story behind all of these passionate sex scenes anyways.

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[Palcomix] Teaching Days

“Teaching Days” isn’t simply another comic book parody. It is an incredible mix of many and numerous heroines from numerous anime and videogames universes! From Bayonetta to Team R Jessie and from Starfire to Motoko Kusanagi, that’s only a few of the characters! If you’re interested in themes such as female dominance or lesbian sex this could be your favorite comic!

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